The 3 Most Used Types of Garage Doors

In this post we review the 3 most used types of doors that can be installed in a garage.

1. The first alternative is the residential sectional garage door made up of a system of tongue and groove panels placed horizontally and joined together by means of hinges, with rollers on the sides that run along the inside of guides.
The operation of this door is similar to that of a conventional shutter, but it differs from this one in that when it is opened, by means of the action of springs, instead of being rolled up, the panels are placed one after the other on the roof of the garage. The sectional garage door optimises space thanks to its roof adaptation system for both horizontal and inclined roofs. At the same time, it allows to take advantage of the whole length of the garage, since your car can be practically stuck to the door without obstructing in any way the opening and closing manoeuvre.

Thanks to the multitude of options for panel finishes, both in design and colours, you will undoubtedly find in the residential sectional garage door a model that is in harmony with the environment where it is installed.

This type of door is the most commonly used in single-family homes.

2. Another option is the residential up-and-over garage door, whose operating system is based on a hidden dock behind a lintel that provides the necessary force from the side arms so that the door leaf rises, leaving it at the top of the garage, favouring this action thanks to the work of some rollers inside the guides.

This type of door is the most used in community garages, as it is an economic solution to close your garage space.

3. And finally, we are talking about the double-leaf up-and-over residential garage door made up of two leaves joined by hinges that are raised folding one against the other by means of counterweights.

Thanks to its tubular frames, the residential double-leaf garage door is a robust and durable door, as well as aesthetically pleasing, whether in its sheet metal finishes, in a multitude of models and colours, or in the sandwich panel used for the manufacture of sectional doors.

The operation of these doors is comfortable and does not require physical effort but there is the possibility in any of them to automate getting in this way that the opening and closing maneuver is as easy as pressing a button.



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