If you want your garage to be completely secure, you’d better buy an automatic door in good condition. It’s not complicated, but it’s true that once you see the variety you’ll have a lot of doubts. The best thing is to check the characteristics of each of them to get an idea of how they work and if they are ideal for your garage.

To help you in your decision we are going to describe the main automatic garage doors that exist, follow us in our blog since we will be talking about one by one, beginning with the

This is a door designed for the residential market, with a high thermal insulation index, beautiful exterior finishes (even in imitation wood), quiet and practical.
It consists of a sheet made up of simple panel sections (hence its name) or sandwich-type sections with interior insulation. When opened, they move towards the top. They are compensated by side springs (lighter ones) or by upper or rear springs (in other cases).

The panels that make up the sheet are made of pre-lacquered steel sheet, and usually have standard colours, a wide variety of colours to measure and with varied textures (smooth, rough, imitation of wood grain, with several horizontal lines, etc.). Very dark or black colours are not recommended when the door is exposed to the sun, as the panel can deteriorate due to high temperatures, deforming it dangerously and losing its structural strength.

Of American origin, highly effective in very cold regions, it has led German manufacturers to be the ones who have improved it the most and produce it in large series. It is definitely the ideal solution for regions with extreme climates.

They are quite comfortable and easy to install, although they require an interior space in the ceiling (at least with the size of the door itself), and they lose little free height (there are models with only 9 centimetres of lintel, very widespread for the advantages in small garages or for their variety of designs and finishes.

Their designs range from glazing (of suitable materials), to panelling, smooth finishes or imitation wood. They are very varied and it is possible to include a smaller door within it.
Their automatisms in the residential sector are usually very low consumption motors, we can even find them with kits of solar panels with accumulators, they are very silent and do not need to be greased thanks to their design to be on the roof of the garage. Thus avoiding staining our vehicle.


The maintenance of this type of doors, usually consists of much cleaning of the elements of rolling and revision and the compensation of the loss of force by fatigue of the elements of compensation (springs). It could be the case that when unlocking the automatism, we could suffer an accident due to the fall of the leaf, as it is not compensated according to the weight.

They are designed and manufactured so as not to require lubrication, with combinations of metal elements and composite polymers.
They have an industrial version due to their high thermal insulation qualities, space requirements and functionality.

They are not recommended for community use, since they are designed for residential use, and in industrial use, they tend to be in openings with a reduced number of manoeuvres.


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