7 Reason to Change Your Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers are pretty easy mechanisms that are likely to final a very long time. The typical lifespan is 10 to 15 years, however in case you preserve present on upkeep of the rollers and comes, it is doable to get 20 years or extra out of a superb storage door opener. However even when yours continues to be working tremendous, there are good causes to think about changing it. Newer fashions supply elevated security, safety, and comfort, and these benefits might be motive sufficient to put in a brand new garage door opener.

Automatic Reversal

Since 1993, garage door openers have been required to be geared up with a security reversing mechanism. This characteristic makes use of two sensors about 6 inches above flooring degree on either side of the door. When an object, corresponding to a baby or pet, runs via the sunshine beam passing between these sensors whereas the door is closing, the door instantly stops and reverses path.

In case your garage door opener doesn’t have a security reversing characteristic, or if the one it does have not works, changing the opener is very advisable as a security measure

Quieter Operation

Does your garage door opener wake folks up or in any other case disrupt the family as a result of it makes a lot noise? In that case, a new opener will nearly actually be quieter.

The unique type of garage door opener opened and closed with a series drive. For those who can see one thing that appears like a bicycle chain close to the motor unit of your opener, take into account changing it with a screw-driver or belt-drive storage door opener. Even a more recent mannequin chain drive unit will probably be quieter than an older mannequin, however screw drives are noticeably quieter, and belt drives are the quietest of all.

Higher Safety

Older garage door openers may be weak to thieves. As a result of their distant controls functioned with a hard and fast code, somebody with a particular machine might be able to sit outdoors your own home and discover the code, permitting them to open the garage door.

New garage door openers have a “rolling code” characteristic, which modifications the code each time the unit is used. Thieves can not duplicate the code and get into your garage uninvited.

Keypad Entry

Older garage door openers didn’t supply keypads that may very well be mounted outdoors the garage. This helpful characteristic lets you enter a code into the keypad that may open the garage door. No keys required. You might be able to purchase a keypad to put in together with your present storage door opener. If not, although, this is likely to be a superb motive to improve. Newer keypad models even eradicate the necessity to keep in mind a code.

Battery Backup

One of many massive inconveniences of an influence outage is usually the lack to function the garage door opener. Garage door openers are actually out there with battery backup techniques that may kick in mechanically whenever you lose electrical energy.

Homelink Connectivity

Newer garage door openers make it doable to program and management a garage door from the Homelink characteristic constructed into many new cars. No distant management models are essential with these techniques; controls constructed into your automotive can open or shut your garage door when programmed to acknowledge the garage door opener.


The newest technology garage door openers supply wifi and cell-phone connectivity that lets you lock or unlock your storage from a distant location, or warn you when your storage door is open, irrespective of the place you might be situated. A cellular phone, pc, or pad machine geared up with the right app can monitor and management the garage door. Such garage door openers usually include digital controls and read-outs that supply time and temperature show, motion-sensor gentle management, and programmed lock-down intervals for the garage door.


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